Our Story



Because like we said, it’s about the people. So at Roam Travel PR, we work together. On everything. You have a story, and we believe the best way to share it is with many voices. Roam is a story-centric, client first PR firm.  

This is a global company, made up of real people, with real experience who strive to deliver good, honest and real PR solutions. I'm not sure if you caught that, but at Roam, we're all about being real. We’re a little funny, a little wild and really good at what we do. 


Maya Villanueva - Founding Partner

Meet Maya, the girl behind Roam. Maya's resume is about as all over the place as she is, but she considers that a good thing. From experience in tech start-ups in SF to for non-profits in BC & Montreal, and from a small boutique hotel chain  to one of Canada's oldest and largest financial firms, there isn't much that stumps her. She has run around the world a few times really digs food + wine culture and has a particular knack for networking. The ocean and awesome people really make her tick. Passionate about people, philanthropy and travel, Maya loves those serendipitous moments of discovery - finding the perfect cafe di latte in Capri or nasi goreng in Nusa Dua. When she’s not chasing that perfect sunset moment, you’re likely to find her making a mess in the kitchen, reading political autobiographies, pairing wine and cheese or working with children with autism. At the end of the day, you have to respect Maya’s die-hard appreciation for the finer details in life. To get in on the good stuff, ask her anything at maya@roamtravelpr.com



After a couple successful years (okay, a decade) scrambling up the corporate ladder, Michael packed up a knapsack and headed to Europe for a photographically epic (real life epic, too) 32,000 km road-trip across Europe. He crammed a few tshirts, some boardies, and a lot of camera gear into a van with his brother and best friend and quite literally chose the road(s) less traveled. Frost would have been proud. After some National Geographic worthy shots surfaced, Michael quickly became a go to Travel & LifeStyle Content Producer for big names like European Travel Ventures (or its better known subsidiary, The Yacht Week). He has since shot and directed media content for hotels, flotillas, venues and other establishments all over Europe and the Caribbean. Trust us, the guy is good. In fact, his go to nickname is 10/10. Not kidding.




Paige is the creative brains behind the graphic design and web presence. She’s a power babe who makes clients visions come to life, and she’s got the portfolio to prove it. After completing a Communications Design diploma, Paige coupled her self taught photography skills with her insatiable love for travel and exploration to offer clients fresh and compelling marketing solutions inspired by real world surroundings. Paige relies on her inherent curiosity, and probably too much coffee, to provide unique, refined and diverse designs.




Ever met a human dynamo? Enter Nads. She’s Bey meets Michelle Obama and we seriously can’t get enough of her. She’s the kind of girl who makes efficiency and professionalism FUN… yeah, we didn’t think it was possible either until we met Nads. Nadia is a beauty and travel professional and a social influencer who actually influences; this girl isn’t just a pretty face, she’s got the brains to back it up. A frequent contributor to Huffington Post, Expedia, Skyscanner, Nadia also writes for multiple national magazine and newspapers, particularly Irish publications such as Xpose, for whom she also frequents as a Guest Expert on Xpose TV. She has been named in Sermo Communications Global Index of Digital Influencers as a Rising and Digital Star, and as one Ireland’s Top 14 Most Important Travel Bloggers on Matador Network. Above all else, Nads has fun doing what she does, and she incites others to do the same.